Chartwell team


History of Chartwell:

Chartwell is the former country home of Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965). It is now in the care of the National Trust as a memorial with many souvenirs of his eventful political life.  Collections of Churchill’s books and paintings are kept there and everything is laid out exactly as it would have been during the forty years he and his family lived in the house.  Churchill was a landscape artist, he loved his garden and indulged his hobby of building brick walls.  Chartwelll was a very happy home and he lived there until just before his 90th birthday.

House Colour: Red

Red is the colour of energy, passion and determination.  As a house we show strength and teamwork which helps to make Chartwell special and unique.  Being associated with Winston Churchill highlights these qualities within our house, and encourages us to be determined and energetic individuals.

Your Chartwell House Team for 2017-2018:

Senior House Leader Mrs E Burton
House Captain Samiha Chowdhury
Deputy House Captain Priyashobana Jeyakumaran
Deputy House Captain Lily Morrison

House motto - Hakuna Matata

Our Charity Last Year:

Save the Children

Our house charity last year was Save the Children, and in our charity week we successfully raised £458.01!

Year 7 - £108.45
Year 8 - £44.50
Year 9 - £95.28
Year 10 - £51.23
Year 11 - £38.54
Year 12 - £27.38
Year 13 - £92.63


Save the Children works in 120 countries and help to save and transform children’s lives.  Created in the early 1900’s by the Jebb sisters, Save the Children has managed to help 9.7 million children worldwide through health and nutrition programmes, as well as giving life-saving malaria and pneumonia treatment to 1.3 million children.


House Mascot: Resident Chartwell House cat - Jock

Jock the cat

Winston Churchill was given the cat as an 88th Birthday gift from his secretary Sir John ‘Jock’ Colville, hence the name Jock.  Currently, Jock VI lives in the house grounds. Churchill wished for there to always be a marmalade cat named Jock living in his home, Chartwell.

Cats are curious and we can learn a lot from them!  Approach problems and tasks with curiosity and you’ll never know where you can find yourself!


Year 7 House visit:

Chartwell - 7C

On Wednesday 23rd September, 7C had a fun packed trip to Chartwell house. This was Sir Winston Churchill’s last home, which is now owned by the National Trust. It was really interesting and informative; we were given a tour of his family home and a viewing of his private study, we were certainly captivated and engrossed in our excursion.

We relaxed and sketched the views of the house and the nature surrounding us.  This gave us more than enough time to bond, get to know each other and develop our friendships.

After this, we entered the house and had a very enlightening tour; we learnt about Mr Churchill, his wife and his childrens’ lives, had a glimpse into Churchill’s life and saw what meant most to him. When we were finished, we enjoyed our lunch and raided the charity shop! To wrap up our expedition we rolled down the hills and played some exciting games with our house captains, Jessica and Emily.  On the way back, we sang our hearts out and had a great laugh with each other. We had a fantastic Chartwell trip.

Tia Knight and Farrah Adegunle, 7C