Dance Show 2015

DGGS Dance Show 2015 ‘Arrivals’ followed last year’s hugely successful dance show ‘Time Flies.’  ‘Arrivals’ allowed the audience to take flight on a creative tour around the world through a range of dance styles.  Inspired by the culture and diversity that we have here at DGGS, ‘Arrivals’ was a display of classwork and extra-curricular work combined, students choreography and taught pieces.  Styles ranged from Irish to Bharatanatyam and from Gumboot to Ballet!  Events such as ‘Arrivals’ remind us, yet again, why we continue to be very proud of the talent and dedication we have here at DGGS and I am very proud of each and every student involved.

We hope you enjoyed the show!

Please click here to view photos from the show in our Picture Gallery

Miss Longley
Teacher: Dance

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