Sports Results

U14 Bromley High Versatility Tournament 

Well done to our U14 Netball team who came 2nd overall in the tournament

Individual results are:

DGGS won against Newstead A 7-0
DGGS won against Sydenham 3-0
DGGS won against Bromley D 12-0
DGGS won against Bromley C 10-0
DGGS won against Chis and Sid 4-3
DGGS lost against Bromley A 4-6
DGGS won against Bromley B 3-2

Team Players

  • Mayowa 7K
  • Ramisha 9C 
  • Molly 9C
  • Siena 9L
  • Esha 9L
  • Corona 9L
  • Lauren 9L
  • Pheobe 9K
  • Katie 9C

under 14 netball versitility bromley


U16 Kent Schools Football.

DGGS v Charles Darwin

Well done to our U16 football team who won their match 4 – 1

Team players

  • Christabel            10H
  • Megan                  11H
  • Precious               10K
  • Leigh-Ann            10P
  • Emily                     10P
  • Nancy                   11H
  • May                       11P
  • Emma                   11L
  • Sharon                  11L
  • Carol                      9H
  • Millie                     10P

U16 football team

Year 7 and 8 Junior Athletics

Well done to all competitors.  Highlights included:

  • 100m: Stephanie (7L) 14.3s
  • 200m: Oladunni (8K) 30.8s
  • 800m: Amelia (8K) 2m46.5s
  • Hurdles: Christabel (8H) 13.5s
  • High Jump: Ife (7L) 1.29m
  • Long Jump: Nicole (8L) 4.37m
  • Shot Putt: Molly (8L) 7.61m
  • Discus: Amelia (8K) 12.53m
  • Javelin: Christabel (8H) 14.55m

Overall, DGGS was placed 9th out of 13 schools in the region 

English Schools Regional Finals - Uxbridge (2)

Super 8 Athletics Qualifier

Congratulations to the many students involved.  Those securing 1st position in their events were:

  • Jane 7L (100m and Shot Putt)
  • Lauren 7H (800m)
  • Pearl 7L (Long Jump)
  • Mayowa 7K (High Jump)

Overall, DGGS was 1st and are now put forward to represent Dartford and Gravesham at the Kent School Games Finals  

Year 7 Super 8s Athletics Qualifier (2)

English Schools Athletics Round 1

Well done to all the DGGS competitors.  Juniors securing 1st position in their events were:

  • Precious 8K (Shot Putt)
  • Amelia 8K (800m)
  • Ewaoluwa 8K (1500m)
  • Molly 8L (Relay)
  • Christabel 8H (Hurdlles)

Intermediates securing 1st position in their events were:

  • Damilola 9H (100m)
  • Princess 9I (Hurdles and High Jump)

Both Juniors and Intermediates came 1st in the Relay

English Schools Round One - Dartford Park (2) 

SEAA Southern Senior/U20 Championships

Huge congratulations to Chloe 12A, who competed at the Southern Senior Athletics championships on Sunday 11th June at Crystal Palace.

Chloe competed in the 1500m gaining a time of 4m30.75

Chloe was placed 1st in this race placing her 'South England Under 20 Champion', a fantastic achievement.

She will now be invited to the next stage.

Well done Chloe

Chloe Sharp 1





DGGS have introduced a new awards system that will be operating within Physical Education and Dance. The system that we have introduced is Sporting Colours.

Colours are to be awarded to students for excellence, participation in and dedication to sport at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. Nominations are discussed at the end of each full term and those students that are judged to merit school colours will be awarded them in celebration assembly.


These are awarded for excellence in Sport. Students are presented with a certificate and embroidered flash to sew on to their PE skort.  To merit a full colour, students must:

  • Show excellent commitment to training
  • Perform at an outstanding level
  • Represent the school in sport
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship
  • Show a positive sporting attitude


These are awarded for commitment to Sport.  Students are presented with a certificate and embroidered flash to sew on to their PE skort. To merit a half colour, students must:

  • Show commitment to training
  • Demonstrate improvements in performance
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship
  • Show a very positive attitue towards sport
  • Demonstrate helpful behaviour


Congratulations go to our first set of Colours winners:

Full Colour for Netball – Charlotte 8L, Eleanor 9C

Full Colour for Football – Christabel 8C

Full Colour for Swimming – Nia 8C, Sophie 8H, Lucia 8P, Clio 10I, Amelia 10P, Maddie 10H, Charlotte 10H, Alice 11C

Full Colour for Trampolining – Nancy 9H, Jenna 10P, Amber 10C, Isabella 11I

Full Colour for Dance – Rachael 10K

Full Colour for Cross Country – Charlotte 8P, Emma 9L, Camille 10P, Amelia 10P, Claudia 11K

Half Colour for Netball – Mayowa 7K, Elise 7C, Freya 7K, Molly 8L, Rhea 8K, Anjola 8K, Megan 9H, Isobel 9I, Amy 9H

Half Colour for Football–  Olivia 7C, Jasmine 7I, Precious 8K, Nissi 8H, Sharon 9L, Megan 9H

Half Colour for Swimming– Hannah 9C

Half Colour for Trampolining – Grace 7K, Josie 7K, Katie 8I, Erisa 9P, Lauren 10K, Hollie 10I, Jessica 10P

Half Colour for Dance – Shreya 8H, Daisy 9H, Mia 9K

Half Colour for Cross Country – Libby 10I

Colours winners (list of girls in article - need to check permissions and remove surnames)


U12 Netball teams A and B competed in a Dartford Borough Netball Competition held at DSTC on Thursday 9th March. DGGS A team came 1st place, DGGS B team came 2nd place.

Both unbeaten in their groups and played so well!  A fantastic achievement

Squad A
A - Leyla 7H, Lauren 7L, Freya 7K,  Mayowa 7K, Katie 7C, Elise 7C, Maddie 7L, Corona 7L, Molly 7C

pic two


Squad B
Siena 7L, Ramisha 7C, Rhea 7C, Carol 7H, Esha 7L, Minta 7H, Phoebe 7K, Taonga 7L

pic one


U14 Football Quater Finals vs Hayes School - Wednesday 7th December 2016

U14 Football Quarter Finals vs Hayes School

DGGS (2) vs Hayes School (3)

District Cross Country, Swanley Park - Friday 2nd December 2016

         Swanley Park 2016 - All runners

Swanley Park - Medal Winners Dec 2016        Swanley Park - Year 7 Cross Country 2016   Swanley Park - Year 8 and 9 Cross Country 2016        Swanley Park - Year 10 Cross Country

Monday 21st November - Swimming Gala, Sevenoakes

Swiming Gala 2016

DGGS (190) vs Sevenoakes School (199)

Thursday 20th October 2016 - U14 Football



U14 Football vs Harris Academy 20.10.16

Congratulations to the team, this was such an amazing game.  The team worked so hard after being 1-0 down, the girls gained a victory.

DGGS (2) vs Harris Academy (1)

Wednesday 19th October 2016 - U15 National Netball Cup - Round 2

U15 national Schools Round 2 vs Bennett Memorial

DGGS (15) vs Bennett Memorial (31)

Monday 3rd October 2016 - English Schools Cross Country - The Schools at Somerhill, Tonbridge

 Cross Country Intermediate Team 3.10.16      Cross Country Intermediate Team 3.10.16 Cross Country Junior and Inter Team 3.10.16

Junior Girls Team Overall placed 6th out of 11 schools
Intermediate Girls Team Overall placed 3rd out of 10 schools

Congratulations to the Intermediate Girls Team have made it through to the Regional Finals in November.

Wednesday 5th October 2016 - U12 Netball - DGGS vs Benenden

DGGS (6) vs Benenden (19)

Tuesday 27th September 2016 - U16 Netball - DGGS vs St Gregory's

U16 Netball vs St Gregory's

DGGS (0) VS St Gregory's (11)

Tuesday 28th June 2016 - Year 7 Rounders - DGGS vs Dartford Science and Technology College

Year 7 Rounders DSTC 28.06.16

DGGS A (3) vs Dartford Science & Technology College (2)
DGGS B (5) vs Dartford Science & Technology College (1)

Thursday 9th June 2016 Tennis Quater Finals - DGGS vs Bromley High

All four students were fantastic.  We knew it would be a very strong team that came to our school to play us as Bromley High have an excellent tennis reputation.  Maya and Ola were playing up an age category in order for us to have a particularly strong team as well.  Aanu and Maya won their singles matches 6-1 and 6-2 respectively, both demonstrating some excellent serving and groundstrokes.  It was very exciting as after the singles it was 2 matches each so it all came down to the doubles.  Maya and Ola paired up and showed some good consistency with their hitting, but unfortunately lost their match.  Therefore it all came down to the last doubles match.  Molly and Aanu illustrated good team work and vollies and some of their rallies were excellent.  Unfortunately they lost their match    4-6, which put Bromley High through to the semi finals by 4 matches to 2.
As a school we are very proud of all four students and thank them for doing their very best whilst representing the school.
Mrs C Coxall


Thursday 19th May 2016 Tennis - DGGS vs Cobham Hall



DGGS (6) vs Cobham Hall (4)

Wednesday 18th May 2016 - English Schools Athletics Round 1: Overall Results

English Schools Round 1 Group

Junior Girls

1st - Tonbridge Grammar 313pts
2nd - Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar 290pts
3rd - Dartford Grammar School for Girls 257pts
4th - The Folkestone School for Girls 251pts
5th - Bromley High School 199pts

Inter Girls

1st - Tonbridge Grammar 336pts
2nd - Bromley High School 285pts
3rd - Dartford Grammar School for Girls 276pts
4th - Chislehurst & Sidcup grammar 254pts

Friday 13th May 2016 - Year 7 & Year 8 Junior Reds Tournament

Junior Reds DGGS A and B

DGGS A Team - Christabel Okongwu, Emily Dean, Leigh-Anne Hamblyn, Precious Duru, Libby Rutledge
DGGS A (4) vs DGGS B (1)
DGGS A (3) vs Junior Reds B (1)
DGGS A (2) vs Junior Reds A (1)
DGGS A (3) vs Cleeve Park (0)
DGGS B Team - Nancy Housego, May Bui, Millie Goodwin, Lois James, Jadyn Bithrey
DGGS B (1) vs DGGS A (4)
DGGS B (3) vs Junior Reds B (1)
DGGS B (0) vs Junior Reds A (1)
DGGS B (1) vs Cleeve Park (1)
DGGS A Team were overall tournament winners!

Medals and Trophes Junior Reds


Congratulations to Brooke Heywood, Olivia Willard and Nicole Rudrakumar on their appointment as the 2016-2017 School Sports Team

Brooke Heywood

Role: Sports Captain

Sporting Hero: Casey Kopua (New Zealand Netball Player)

Sport(s): Trampolining and Netball

Greatest sporting moment: Being a ball girl for Surrey Storm Netball Superleague U16 County Netball Division Champions.

Nicole Rudrakumar

Role: Deputy Sports Captain

Sporting Hero: Joe Root

Sport(s): Cricket

Greatest sporting moment: I was coached by Lydia Greenway (England Women), Alex Blake (Kent Men) and Geraint Jones (England men 2004-2006) and was told by Geraint Jones that i am an exceptional Batswoman.

Olivia Willard

Role: Sports Captain

Sporting Hero: Tasmin Greenway (England Netball)

Sport(s): Netball, Running

Greatest sporting moment: Running with the Olympic Torch in 2012.

DGGS Junior Girls Tennis - 6th May 2016

On Friday 6th May, 4 members of the
Junior Girls Tennis team played against TWGGS to stay in the Kent Tennis Summer Knock Out Championships.  We each played a singles and doubles match and we all did very well, as all the matches were very tough and incredibly close, especially both of the doubles matches.  Everyone played exceptionally well in both of their matches, showing great sportsmanship and perseverance skills, even though TWGGS set the bar extremely high for us.  We had an enjoyable afternoon and the weather was lovely and the matches helped improve our tennis skills.  Overall, it was a great experience.
Precious 7K

DGGS Year 9 & 10 Rounders vs Bromley High - 5th May 2016

Rounders Year 9 &10 Team

Year 9 team beat Bromely High 16.5 to 4
Mixed Year 9 and 10 team lost to Bromley High 11.5 to 13

Both teams demonstrated excellent batting and fielding skills and backed each other up very well.  They appeared to know exactly what to do and when.  They showed respect to their opposition and played the matches with good sportsmanship.  Well done to everybody who played.

C Coxall
Teacher: PE


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