Sports Results

Year 7 and 8 Sport Hall Athletics success

Congratulations to the Year 7 and Year 8 Sports Hall Athletics Team firstly for winning their qualifying event to become Dartford Champions and secondly for being selected to represent Dartford against the 14 other areas within Kent.

All students performed exceptionally well with Year 7 finishing 9th in Kent and Year 8 with Bronze medals. Well done

Year 7 team

Year 7 sports team

The Kent Schools Athletics Finals was one of the most exciting and enjoyable events I have taken part in so far throughout my time in Year 7 at DGGS. As students, we encountered various races, ranging from 200 to 600m, as well as challenging relay and obstacle races.

As for the field events, students were selected to participate in numerous events, such as: the vertical jump, the standing long jump, the triple jump, speed bounce and many more.

Thank you to Mrs Bluett and Mrs Coxall and I hope that I will be able to take part again in Year 8.

Lily 7C

Year 8 team

Year 8 Sports Hal Athletics Team 2019

On Tuesday 5th February 2019, six competitors from Year 8 took part in the Kent Indoor Athletics Finals after winning the qualifiers earlier in the year. The students that took part were Anne, Jehona, Rommy, Toun, Freya and Olivia. Everyone competed in at least one field and one track event. The track events included a two lap, four lap and six lap running race, an obstacle and normal relay, as well as an 8 lap parlauf. 

The field events included triple jump, long jump, speed bounce, shot put, and vertical jump. In each event there were either 14 or 28 competitors and points were allocated to each team depending on where they placed.

Overall, our team managed to come third with 394 points, just five points off first place. We all received a bronze medal and were very proud of the fact we were the third best athletic team in the whole of Kent!

Thank you to Mrs Bluett and Mrs Coxall for organising and taking us to the competition!

Freya 8L


U14 Bromley High Versatility Tournament 

Well done to our U14 Netball team who came 2nd overall in the tournament

Individual results are:

DGGS won against Newstead Woods A 7-0
DGGS won against Sydenham High 3-0
DGGS won against Bromley High D 12-0
DGGS won against Bromley High C 10-0
DGGS won against Chis and Sid 4-3
DGGS lost against Bromley High A 4-6
DGGS won against Bromley High B 3-2

Team Players

  • Mayowa 7K
  • Ramisha 9C 
  • Molly 9C
  • Siena 9L
  • Esha 9L
  • Corona 9L
  • Lauren 9L
  • Pheobe 9K
  • Katie 9C

under 14 netball versitility bromley

U16 Kent Schools Football.

DGGS v Charles Darwin

Well done to our U16 football team who won their match 4 – 1

Team players

  • Christabel            10H
  • Megan                  11H
  • Precious               10K
  • Leigh-Ann            10P
  • Emily                     10P
  • Nancy                   11H
  • May                       11P
  • Emma                   11L
  • Sharon                  11L
  • Carol                      9H
  • Millie                     10P

U16 football team





DGGS have introduced a new awards system that will be operating within Physical Education and Dance. The system that we have introduced is Sporting Colours.

Colours are to be awarded to students for excellence, participation in and dedication to sport at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. Nominations are discussed at the end of each full term and those students that are judged to merit school colours will be awarded them in celebration assembly.


These are awarded for excellence in Sport. Students are presented with a certificate and embroidered flash to sew on to their PE skort.  To merit a full colour, students must:

  • Show excellent commitment to training
  • Perform at an outstanding level
  • Represent the school in sport
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship
  • Show a positive sporting attitude


These are awarded for commitment to Sport.  Students are presented with a certificate and embroidered flash to sew on to their PE skort. To merit a half colour, students must:

  • Show commitment to training
  • Demonstrate improvements in performance
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship
  • Show a very positive attitue towards sport
  • Demonstrate helpful behaviour


Congratulations go to our first set of Colours winners:

Full Colour for Netball – Charlotte 10L, Eleanor 11C

Full Colour for Football – Christabel 10C

Full Colour for Swimming – Nia 10C, Sophie 10H, Lucia 10P, 

Full Colour for Trampolining – Nancy 11H,

Full Colour for Dance –

Full Colour for Cross Country – Charlotte 10P, Emma 11L, 

Half Colour for Netball – Mayowa 9K, Elise 9C, Freya 9K, Molly 10L, Rhea 10K, Anjola 10K, Megan 11H, Isobel 11I, Amy 11H

Half Colour for Football–  Olivia 9C, Jasmine 9I, Precious 10K, Nissi 10H, Sharon 11L, Megan 11H

Half Colour for Swimming– Hannah 11C

Half Colour for Trampolining – Grace 9K, Josie 9K, Katie 10I, Erisa 11P,

Half Colour for Dance – Shreya 10H, Daisy 11H, Mia 11K

Half Colour for Cross Country

Colours winners (list of girls in article - need to check permissions and remove surnames)


































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