Culture Week

A Year 7 student wrote:


“During cultural week, there were many exciting things to get up to. From dressing up in your cultural clothing to hearing about other people's cultures and discussing your own in form time.


First, I would like to talk about the performances that took place during the week. The performances were created by different people in the school and it showed their different cultures and how they dance. My favourite was the African Dance created by Year 10 students. I loved the different movements they were doing. There was also a henna stand which everyone loved as most people wanted to get some done. The queue was long but was worth it as the end result was stunning.


On our own clothes day, we got to wear our cultural clothes to school. This was an amazing day as you could see so many different cultures and outfits shining through and it gave people a chance to express themselves. During the week, some people in different forms came up with a presentation to share with their form about their culture. All the presentations were very informative and interesting. Lastly, we had a food market on Friday celebrating different peoples' cultures. The food tasted amazing and it was good to experience other people's cultural foods.”