Her Majesty Queen's Platinum Jubilee

A Year 7 student wrote:

“To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at DGGS, we had a special themed lunch which included foods like Shepherd's Pie and Scones. The canteen was also decorated with vibrant bunting and banners. The older year groups also organised several stalls in the playground, including sweets stalls, guess the sweets in the jar, and ice lollies on sale. All the money raised went to support a charity. During the week, there was an assembly to celebrate and recognise how much our Queen has done for us. We looked into the history of her reign and her great achievements along the way. This celebration has been greatly celebrated at DGGS to honour not only the Queen’s 70 year reign, but also the amount of effort she has put into running our country fairly. An addition to our celebration, we planted a tree in the grounds of the school to contribute to the Queen's Canopy Trust project.”