Arts and Culture Week - Term 6 2021

Arts and Culture Week was designed to be our week in the Arts and Technology faculty where the Key Stage 3 production, Fashion Show and various exhibitions occurred. However, due to the restrictions currently in place, we decided that the format of the week would need to be different. Before the week began, the different year groups made display boards around school to share their different interests, languages and hobbies with each other. During the week, students were encouraged to wear badges to show the languages they speak while the canteen served different foods from around the world. Students were able to enter various arts and cultural competitions during the week and winners are listed below this article. Well done to all those that participated!  Details of the various competitions held and some of the wonderful entries can be found below.

Alongside this, students performed during lunchtimes and during the week, students also presented in some fantastic assemblies alongside their arts and culture based registration sessions.

One Year 7 student said:

“I enjoyed Arts and Culture Week because it was an opportunity to celebrate our ethnicity, individuality and belief. It was also an opportunity to learn more about our classmates and their beliefs. We also got to take part in many fun activities like dressing in our traditional clothes and eating different countries' foods in the lunch hall. Overall, it was an extremely fun week. I am glad that I am part of a school community which celebrates diversity between us.” Harnoor 7P

As part of Arts and Culture Week, students also had a non-uniform day on Friday 2nd July to raise money for Action Aid UK. In order to support our continued understanding of each other and celebrate the very many arts, cultures and languages in our school community further, students were encouraged to wear specific traditional dress linked to their individual culture or heritage on this day if they wanted to. The variety in the outfits worn around school was amazing and students thoroughly enjoyed their day. Staff and students were able to find out about important parts of each other's cultures and it was wonderful to see students involved in a really positive experience in our community. 

Miss Longley

Curriculum Team Leader: Arts and Technology

Arts and Culture week Textiles competition poster for website

Arts and Culture Week Textiles comp for website Aaliya Karim 8L and Wren Morley 8L    Arts and Culture week Textile comp for websiteI shwa Nawaz 8k

The Art department ran a photography competition during Arts & Culture Week asking students to explore the idea of identity, looking specifically at cultural identity.

We really enjoyed looking through the different entries and how the themes had been interpreted by students. The winning entry was from Zaahira 8I who describes her photo here: "I was trying to show the Nigerian culture in my photo. I included religious books, materials, games, clothing and things associated with entertainment. I wanted to show how beautiful and full of colour my culture is. I hope I succeeded."

Zaahira wins a £10 Amazon voucher. Our runner up was Arya 7P, who wrote: "I decided to base my photograph on cultural clothing because it shows a lot about my culture and it represents me. I also edited the photograph to make it clearer and placed my items carefully on top of each other to make it look even better."

Arya won a £5 Amazon voucher. A huge well done to both students and thank you to everyone who entered!  Photos of Zaahira’s and Arya’s entries can be seen below.

Arts and Culture week Photography comp Arya Tayab 7P Runner up Zaahira Ali 8I Winner   Arts and Culture week Photography comp Arya Tayab 7P Runner up

Below you will see some of the beautiful traditional dress linked to students’ individual culture or heritage which were worn on the non-uniform day on Friday 2nd July,

Arts and Culture week Cultrue dress photo 1 for website Ria Pandher Arts and Culture week Cultrue dress photo 1 for website Haadiya Mushtaq  Arts and Culture week Cultrue dress photo 2 for website Sohpie Chen

Arts and Culture week Cultrue dress photo 1 for website Oluwatobi Garba

Arts and Culture week Cultrue dress photo 1 for website

Arts and Culture week Cultrue dress photo 4 for website Y9 group photo


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