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Year 9 Curriculum Enhancement Day - March 2021

On Wednesday 3rd March, Year 9 participated in a ‘Taskmaster’ Curriculum Enhancement Day. The idea for the day came from the BAFTA winning comedy game show, Taskmaster.

The students were set four creative tasks:

Task 1 – Recreate an iconic movie moment using stop motion.

Task 2 – Make a big and expressive face with items from your home.

Task 3 – Make the best creation out of food.

Task 4 – Adapt a recognisable song and put lockdown lyrics to it.

The entries to all four tasks were outstanding. Well done to all students.

The winners were as follows:

Task 1 winner – Mayowa 9K

Task 2 winner – Anna 9L

Y9 CE Day March 2021 pic 1

Task 3 joint winners – Fariha 9I and Samira 9P

Y9 CE Day March 2021 pic 2

Y9 CE Day March 2021 pic 3Y9 CE Day March 2021 pic 4

Task 4 winner – Joanne 9L

One of the stars of the day was Millie 9K. Millie entered 3 of the 4 tasks and all 3 of her entries were exceptional. See her account of the day below:

The Year 9 Taskmaster Curriculum Enhancement Day was great fun and it helped me to discover new interests such as stop motion. The first task I completed was making a large and expressive face out of household objects. I enjoyed being creative with this and arranging objects in my bedroom such as hair dryers, towels, etc. to imitate facial features. The second task I did was making a creation out of food. I looked in my fridge to see what was lying around and I found a potato. Immediately, the idea of Mike Wazowski came to me. I then dyed the potato with green food colouring and made his features also with potato. This was definitely a bit messy but I think that was what made it so enjoyable. Finally, the last task I did was making a stop motion of a movie clip. I decided to go with the scene from Mary Poppins when she first arrives as I knew that it would be something most people recognise. I dressed up dolls in materials such as cupcake wrappers and used the stop motion app to create the clip. In the end, the stop motion clip was only short but my family said it was recognisable and entertaining so I assumed I had met the brief. Overall, the Year 9 Taskmaster Curriculum Enhancement Day was a pleasurable experience and I hope for an amazing day like it again. ~ Millie 9K

Mrs Hawkins: Head of Year 9

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