Examples of Excellent Remote Learning Work

Despite not physically being in the classroom at the moment, our students have still been producing some excellent pieces of work.  A few examples of some fantastic pieces of work completed remotely across all three Key Stages are showng below:

Key Stage 3

Drama : Year 7 have been exploring Macbeth, in particular, the plotline, themes, costume design and Shakespearian theatre.  Year 8 have been exploring Verbatim theatre - the different types of verbatim and using interviews to create scripts.

  Drama - Mehri 7L with border   Drama - Sophie 8L with border

Click here to see a presentation of some excellent remote leanrng for Dance by students in 8H and 8K

Food  Preparation and Nutrition

Food Preparation and Nutrition Divya 8I with border

Food Preparation and Nutrition Issy 7H with border  

Food Preparation and Nutrition Jessica 8I with border

Art Textiles

Art Indian and Afican with border

Art Textiles - 8H Amelie with border

Art Textiles - 8H Devina with border

Art Textiles 8H  Nithya with border  Art Textiles 8H  Lolade with border

Art Textiles 8H  Jenny with border  Art Textiles 8H Esther with border

Art Textiles 8H Haadiya with border

Art Textiles 8H Emily with border

Art Textiles 8H  Sereena 8c with border


Science Rose - 7P with border


English essay writing Aliyah 3 pics with border

Key Stage 4


Extract from a description of a beach scene - Creative writing

The sand and the sea are constant friends. They chatter nonsensically, barely interrupted by the infants rushing in and out of the waves, like old gossiping women, oblivious to the world around them. Lacy waves introduce themselves to the heels of raw, pink feet and further into the sea, the sound of crashing waves consumes the cacophony of sound caused by those on the sand. The water is a haven of sapphires and turquoise, shimmering in the gaze of the sun. Closer to the beach, the water reflects a murky grey, like the pearly echo of the moon at night. The air is filled with the salty scent of the sea which is sure to inhabit the nostrils of all passersby.

The baby blue of the sky is bright and soft, all at once. Thin, white clouds are strewn across the blue which is as clear as pure water. The sun and clouds have an ongoing game, where the sun disappears, only to be revealed as hiding behind the clouds. The exasperating wind blows the clouds across the sky in an unpredictable rhythm, dancing to its own chaotic song. The sun splays its light onto the sea, the light refracting in twinkling stars, blindingly beautiful. It is peaceful today. On other days it can be violent and vivid, but today it slumbers, content to merely gaze upon the humans below.

English Evie 1 with border

English Evie pc 2 with border


Dance Jess 11

Dance Leyla 11H. WITH BORDER  Dance Shenel 11C. with border


Maths - Olivia 11P simultaneous equations pic 1

Maths - Olivia 11P simultaneous equations pic 2

Maths - Olivia 11P simultaneous equations pic 3

Maths - Olivia 11P simultaneous equations pic 4

Maths Anisha - 9K pic 1 2 and 3


Music Shreeka Lohani - Notes  

Music Y10I Sophie Minuet Composition cropped


Please click here to listen to Sophie Year 10 Minuet Composition

Music Y11 Vivien Mozart Analysis with border


Please click here to view a presentaion of the Cardiovascular System Abbey 9K


Science Julie 9K

Science Izabel 9L  Science Mia 11L

Key Stage 5


Maths - Jasmine 13F Further Maths Mechanies Work on Hookes Law pic 1 and 2 with border


Media Nicole 13A


Media Josseth 13B


Click here to listen to a solo performance practice 'Rosemary' by Emily, Year 12


Science Amelia 12F

Science Kitty 12G


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