Curriculum Enhancement Day - January 2021

Year 7 and Year 8 Curriculum Enhancement Day

On Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th January, Year 7 and 8 participated in a Curriculum Enhancement Day. The focus of these days was to launch an interactive, creative and innovative day, and for the school community to have an opportunity to work in teams virtually.

Students had a great opportunity to develop their skills of communication, independence, creativity and empathy, as they completed a challenge throughout the day. Students focused on discussing the social issues in the local area and the detrimental effects these have on people in society. The different teams of students agreed on a charity which supported a social issue they were passionate about, and they worked to help raise awareness. Students then created a 'Stop Motion' style movie which was a campaign video supporting their chosen charity. 

There were so many impressive and impactful movies created by our students. A selected number of movies from both year groups were nominated and placed in a finals, judged by Mrs Pritchard, Miss Kellett and their Head of Year, to crown the top three groups of the year group. The results were as follows:

Year 7 Winners

Sophie 7L

Mehri 7L

Emma 7L

Ellie 7L

Jessica 7L


Year 7 Highly Commended

Allayna 7H
Khanh-Linh 7H
Rhianna 7H
Julia 7H
Ariana 7H
Avnee 7L
Annette 7L
Asha 7L
Aliya 7L
Ariana 7L

Year 8 Winners

Tobi 8K

Josephine 8K

Dumebi 8K

Elaina 8K

Tanya 8K


Year 8 Highly Commended

Sophie 8H
Mojola 8H
Jo 8H
Lolade 8H
Layla 8H
Giulia 8L
Aarabi 8L
Ellen 8L
Sophie 8L

Please click on the below links to view some of the amazing work from our students

Year 7

Year 8

Well done to all students who worked extremely hard during their Curriculum Enhancement Day. The feedback we received from students was extremely positive and it was fantastic to launch a project whereby students could communicate and feel a part of the school community during this unprecedented time.

Miss Charge, Teacher: Physical Education


Year 9 Curriculum Enhancement Day

On Wednesday 20th January, Year 9 participated in a Curriculum Enhancement Day. The focus of the day was for students to interact with others, virtually explore travel destinations across the world and gain an understanding of what it would be like to plan a trip abroad. Each form was split into five groups and each group within the form was allocated a different country. The students had a budget to stick to and had to plan a 3-week itinerary, including hotels, day trips, cost of food, travel etc. They had to research and use their budgeting skills to plan the most exciting itinerary that kept within the allocated budget.

The work produced was exceptional. Well done to all students.

The winners are listed below:

9C – Group 4 – Japan

9H – Group 4 – Japan

9I – Group 5 – South Africa

9K – Group 2 – Australia

9L – Group 3 – Sri Lanka

9P – Group 5 – South Africa        

The top Thailand itinerary – 9K

The top Australia itinerary – 9K

The top Sri Lanka itinerary – 9L

The top Japan itinerary – 9H

The top South Africa itinerary – 9K

The feedback received from students was extremely positive. Here are some of the comments below:

‘’During Curriculum Enhancement Day, we worked together with others to create an itinerary for two backpackers on a trip around Sri Lanka. Each person in our group researched different parts about Sri Lanka. After collecting our information we made a detailed PowerPoint on Sri Lanka and the places the two backpackers would visit. It was a fun challenge trying to choose activities and accommodation that would fit into our budget of £2610 but we managed to do it.

It was nice to communicate with friends from my form and work together to complete our task’’.

‘’I enjoyed working with others to create a unique and fun project’’

‘’Working in a group with other people was fun and the whole concept of the activity was very enjoyable’’

‘’I found it very enjoyable and it gave us a break from the usual timetable, I really enjoyed researching and learning new things about South Africa!’’

‘’It was really fun being able to plan a hypothetical trip that would actually interest not only my client but me as well’’

‘’I enjoyed how we all worked together as a group and were able to share ideas and communicate with each other’’

‘I learnt a lot about the history and culture of the country. I also learnt about the importance of setting a budget for a holiday, and staying within it’’

‘’I enjoyed working with my friends and getting to know that there is a lot of effort put into a trip and it is very hard to stay within budget in reality’’

Mrs Hawkins: Head of Year 9


Year 10 Curriculum Enhancement Day

During our Curriculum Enhancement Day, we had to work in mini groups within our form to create a PowerPoint presentation about our chosen country. Our form was lucky to receive Brazil as our chosen country and each group in our form produced amazing PowerPoints about the different aspects of Brazil.

In the afternoon (after a very challenging Kahoot quiz!), we worked as a form to convince Miss Culpitt to take a two-week holiday to our chosen country, through a detailed PowerPoint presentation, which we all contributed to as a form. Luckily for us, our form won the overall challenge. I really enjoyed our day as it gave me the opportunity to communicate with my friends and classmates as I haven't seen them since the end of Term 2. 

Jaidene-Rena 10C

Results from competition:

Group 1 Winners: 10C

Group 2 Winners: 10H

Group 3 Winners: 10P

Group 4 Winners: 10I

Group 5 Winners: 10L

Group 6 Winners: 10K

Overall Winner: 10C

Students Responses to the day:

“I liked being able to interact with my form”

“Working with the rest of my form, even if it was online it was nice to talk to everyone and work together again”

“I enjoyed the Kahoot, and the morning project and the afternoon project was also nice”

“It was good to work together with my form and organise and create the itinerary.
I also think it was really good for team building skills”.

“I loved the creative part and I enjoyed hearing my friends' voices again”

“I really enjoyed seeing all of my friends. We had lots of laughs and it was definitely a memorable experience”

Miss Culpitt: Head of Year 10



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