Black Lives Matter

In reponse to the the murder of George Floyd, a Black Lives Matter Google Classroom page has been created. As a school community, we are not able to share our responses and support each other face to face, but we will all have reacted to this. The aim of the page is to enable students and staff to respond creatively, be that through poetry, music, stories, art, theatre, dance or another creative medium.

By being creative and by sharing our responses on this page, we hope that:

1. It will help us to process our own personal reactions

2. It will help to document our response to living through such a historic time in our world

3. It will allow us, as a community, to come together and share how this has made us feel, at a time when we cannot be together physically.  

Jenny He


Morayo Oshinboni

Selena Mehta Patel

Maria Butacu

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