Harvest 2019

During early October, DGGS hosted a Harvest day competition. Each form created their own harvest box based on any theme they chose. It was a fantastic celebration with a variety of creative and unique harvest boxes with each form competing with one another to win the prize for the best box. Another element of the competition was filling these boxes with lots of non-perishable food items and toiletries which were donated to the local food bank and Help the Aged. 

The main message behind the harvest competition was to give to those less fortunate. There are millions of people all over the world who experience food shortages and this may be hard to realise when we are so fortunate and have all the food we need. Organising this competition allowed the school to help many people who may be homeless or do not have enough money for food and so depend on food banks. This is especially the case during the winter months when there is greater need for food because of the cold weather. Therefore, hosting this event allowed our whole school to have greater awareness about the difficulties many face and contribute to such a worthy cause. 

This competition enhanced the sense of community within our school as every student in every form came together to help by making the box or bringing a donation. It also enabled us to showcase some of the many creative talents, as the photos demonstrate.

Overall, it was a successful and fun event that highlighted the importance of giving within our society. 

Ann 13B 

7I   8I   overall winner 8H   9C

10K   11H   12G  13E

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