Duke of Edinburgh's Award 2018 - 2019

The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) was a real experience. I think what made it such an experience was getting through the hard times and alongside that, the good times. You realise that the struggle is somewhat necessary in the practice expedition because it made the qualifier so much easier and smoother overall, as it prepares you for all the possible challenges. Sometimes the only method of resolution was trial and error, which really wasn’t that bad at times even though it was additional walking.

The most challenging aspect was perseverance. You face so many situations and sometimes disappointment from false hope that you need to find something that will motivate you momentarily and long term.  One of the things that you learn from DofE is the value and importance of civilisation, family and friends and the role that they play in your life. You really cherish that when they are not there.

Another thing that I feel that I learnt was the value of teamwork. Our teachers were right about the emotional and mental challenge, as well as the physical. This was mainly because of all the ups and downs in situations, both literally and figuratively speaking! That challenge plays a vital and character-building part of the expedition.

The best thing about DofE for me was all the memories that we made with teachers and students alike. There were many crazy moments, which made them all the more memorable. I would certainly recommend DofE for anybody considering it. It is a wonderful experience and now seems like one of the best times to do it especially as you are with your friends.

A special thanks to all the teachers that were on the expeditions with us as you were so supportive and helpful and made it even more enjoyable. Huge congratulations to all the Year 10s that completed DofE in 2018-19.  Well Done!

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