DGGS Awarded RE Quality Mark

We are delighted to announce that the school has achieved the Silver Award for the Religious Education Quality Mark. This is in recognition of the enthusiasm and dedication shown by our students through all Key Stages and the commitment of staff in the department.

Religious Studies is an opportunity for our students to examine and explore their core values and attitudes by thinking about exciting and controversial topics. Particular strengths were identified as: outstanding exam results (62% Band 9 at GCSE, 2018), engaging links with other subjects, opportunities for students to take control of and develop their learning, high aspirations encouraged through trips and challenging work, and an excellent variety of creative learning activities (such as poems, raps, art work and speeches). 

In particular, it was noted that Religious Studies at DGGS is remarkable for its enormous breadth of discussion topics for both exam and non-exam classes. This includes a diversity of religious and philosophical approaches to topics such as Medical Ethics, Extremism and Feminism, as well as academically rigorous discussion of classic arguments such as the Existence of God, Morality and the Nature of Reality.

Student feedback during this process has been extremely positive. Here’s what they had to say:

 “Religious Studies is a thought provoking lesson and it triggers questions in my head”

“All of the teachers are willing to put in extra effort to help us”

“Philosophy interests me as it is always new and provides me with a wider view of the world”

“I mainly ask questions out of interest and curiosity”.

“The three words I would use to sum up Religious Studies are: opinions, development and creativity”.

We are now looking forward to new ventures and providing students with further opportunities in Religious Studies. There are already plans in place for a Philosophy Enrichment Day for Year 8 and to enter student work in to national competitions.

Thank you to all students and staff that helped us during this process.

Miss Watson

Curriculum Area Leader: Religious Studies


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