DGGS Remembrance Day Poppy Memorial

DGGS Remembrance Day Poppy Memorial

Students, support staff and teachers came together to create the first DGGS Remembrance Day memorial which was unveiled to the school on Friday 10th November. The installation situated in front of the school pond consists of almost two hundred ceramic poppies which were cut, shaped and glazed by hand during lunch time and after school sessions throughout October and early November. The site team also helped out by cutting and shaping each metal rod, which were then bolted to each poppy with the help of student volunteers and installed into the ground ready for Remembrance Day. The installation will be displayed until 2018 when we then hope to sell the poppies to help raise money for The Royal British Legion charity. 

Mrs Field wishes to thank everyone who took part in this collaborative artwork which pays homage to those who lost their lives in WW1.

More photos of the poppies can be found in the picture gallery section of the website.

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