GCSE Examination Success!

Following our students' excellent A Level results last week, we are extremely proud of our GCSE students who have done incredibly well.  This is particularly pleasing in light of the changes to English and Mathematics this year and the increased level of challenge.  It is therefore very difficult to compare the performance of students with previous years, however there is no doubt that Year 11 in 2017 have excelled!

Sharon Pritchard, Headteacher

24th August 2017


The photographs on the right show

  1. Maisie, Erin and Georgia who are all looking forward to continuing at DGGS Sixth Form, and between them have banked two of the coveted '9' grades, six '8' grades, 13 A* grades and 12 A grades.  Very well done!
  2. Congratulations also go to Rishita-Mahmuda, who managed to achieve a phenominal 10 A* grades, three of the top '9' grades and two A grades!
  3. Jessica has also done exceptionally well - she is looking forward to starting the Sixth Form at DGGS and with eleven A* grades and two As, she can choose whichever course she would like.  Jessica also managed to secure the very top grade '9' for English Language, English Literature and Mathematics.  Congratulations Jessica!
  4. Lucy, Sonali, Tobi and Yasmin between them were successful in scooping 27 A* grades, 14 A grades and 11 of the top '9' - '7' grades - another fantastic achievement!

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