French Footballers visit Year 11 Lesson

11A were delighted to welcome Naby Sarr and Elan Assiana, both French-speaking Charlton Athletic players.  They were asked a lot of questions about themselves.  We learnt that Naby liked English best at school, and hated Maths.  We learnt his Maths teacher had very big feet.  We learnt that Naby had a rule not to play football indoors when he was young, and that he has been to America and would like to live there.

Elan meanwhile attended a private school and described his teachers as very strict.  His favourite subject was PE, and he didn't like science because he found it too complicated.  Elan would buy an entire country if he won the lottery.

Year 11 did their best to then guess words that the players were given, and finally Naby read out an interview from another player, which the class then worked on.

Thank you very much to NCS for helping us organise this visit - it was great fun!

Fiona Kellett
Assistant Headteacher

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