DGGS Young Enterprise

On the 18th April, the two DGGS Young Enterprise companies competed for the NW Kent Area Cup.  Students organised a show stand, presented their businesses and answered questions from the judges.  Both companies did very well but Zeus were the overall winners of the finals and were awarded the cup.  DGGS also won the following prizes listed below.  

1.    Award for most entrepreneurial company - Carter & Co (DGGS)

2.    Award for the best business report - Zeus (DGGS)

3.    Award for the best company presentation - Carter & Co (DGGS)

4.    Award for the best trade stand - Carter & Co (DGGS)

5.    Award for the best use of graphics - Zeus (DGGS)

6.    Award for the most 'Daring yet Disciplined' approach - Zeus (DGGS)

7.    Award for the best company overall - Zeus (DGGS)

8.    Award for the best Managing Director - Naveen Dhothar of Zeus (DGGS) 

Congratulations to our successful Y12 YE teams. 

Chris Barton
i/c Young Enterprise

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