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Politics students lead referendum on migrants crisis

Last week, the Year 12 Government and Politics students engaged in a school-wide campaign on the current world issue of the refugee crisis.  The students debated the motion of whether or not Britain should accept a considerably greater number of refugees than it currently does.  The group in favour of the motion went under the name 'Rescugees' and the group against 'For the Future'.  Both groups underwent a three day campaigning process including a debate on the issue and then presentation of their argument to the whole school. 

The 'Rescugees' presented an argument that highlighted the suffering of many of our fellow humans seeking refuge in our country and the benefits they would give to our society, whereas 'For the Future' looked at the figures and revealed that many larger countries are not taking in as many refugees as we are.  Their suggestion was for us to push for a fairer distribution of refugees instead of accepting refugees which we cannot necessarily provide for. 

The results of the exercise revealed that the majority of DGGS students voted "No" to accepting a considerably greater number of refugees into Britain.  Congratulations to the students who made up 'For the Future' and to all students who contributed to this year's political exercise.

Chloe-Louise Gebbett,12E

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