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Careers Information

Dartford Grammar School for Girls recognises the importance of careers education and guidance to prepare students for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of life, during which they must be able to respond to the changing demands of a technological age, adapt to differing modes of employment, develop life long learning resources, and balance work and leisure.

Dartford Grammar School for Girls is committed to enabling students to understand the working environment in which they will eventually take their part. We recognise that it is important for students to identify their own strengths and aptitudes. Working with students, parents and school staff we aim to raise student aspirations to ensure they plan to achieve, and attain, full learning and career potential.

The school encourages and supports appropriate work experience opportunities and placements, as well as providing information and support to students making applications for employment and further and higher education.

The school has a section dedicated to Careers and Higher Education in the Main Library.  

The school’s careers programme builds from year to year as students move through the school. Examples of the activities carried out with students include:

  • Year 7 - research careers as part of their PSHE programme
  • Year 8 - team building, decision making & skills evaluation and a Curriculum Information Evening with a subject fair
  • Year 9 - subject-specific careers information
  • Year 10 - preparation for work experience and dedicated work experience week
  • Year 11 - attend Skills London careers event
  • Year 12 - Higher Education institution visit, Higher Education preparation events, University application research support, Apprenticeship application research support, Job application research support
  • Year 13 – Further Careers and Higher Education sessions, DGGS Alumni event, UCAS application support, tracking and decision-making advice and interview opportunities

If you have any questions relating to Careers Information and Advice and/or Higher Education support at Dartford Grammar School for Girls, we would be pleased to hear from you.

If you would like to volunteer to visit the school to share professional advice, please contact Mrs Kidd.- rlk@dartfordgrammargirls.org.uk


Date of review: December 2021