PE Sporting Colours


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DGGS has an awards system that operates within Physical Education and Dance, the system is Sporting Colours.

Colours are awarded to students for excellence, participation in and dedication to sport at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. Nominations are discussed at the end of each full term and those students that are judged to merit school colours will be awarded them in celebration assembly.


These are awarded for excellence in Sport. Students are presented with a certificate and embroidered flash to sew on to their PE skort.  To merit a full colour, students must:

  • Show excellent commitment to training
  • Perform at an outstanding level
  • Represent the school in sport
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship
  • Show a positive sporting attitude



These are awarded for commitment to Sport.  Students are presented with a certificate and embroidered flash to sew on to their PE skort. To merit a half colour, students must:

  • Show commitment to training
  • Demonstrate improvements in performance
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship
  • Show a very positive attitude towards sport
  • Demonstrate helpful behaviour



Year 7

Netball half colour

Fimi 7P

Isla 7P

Mimie 7I

Bernice 7K

Sarayu 7P

Skye 7C

Kaobichukwura 7L

Fiyin 7L

Sagana 7K

Swara 7L

Lathuja 7K

Olivia 7C

Ramat 7K

Aarya 7I

Sinmi 7H

Anayah 7K

Andrea 8H

Armante 8H

Charlotte 8H

Suhani 7L


Football half colour

Mofiyin 7K


Trampolining full colour

Martina 7L


Trampolining half colour

Abigail 7H

Alyssa 7K

Angel 7I

Chloe 7H

Diya 7I

Sinmi 7H

Mimi 7I


Year 8

Netball full colour

Amber 8L

Anishka 8K

Evangeline 8K

Issy 8H

Ivana 8P

Jarieu 8K

Sophia 8C

Yasmin 8L

Jessica 8C

Olivia 8P


Netball half colour

Abigail 8I

Anji 8P

Jodie 8C

Mesoma 8H

Nifemi 8P

Priscilla 8C

Telliah 8C

Tiana 8P

Alana 8C


Football half colour

Gitikaashri 8H


Trampolining full colour

Addison 8K

Anna 8K

Ellie 8L

Sophie 8L

Hannah 8K

Jarieu 8K

Temisire 8L

Nimi Rose 7I


Year 9

Netball half colour

Maia 9L

Minnie 9H

Christina 9P

Devina 9H

Isabelle 9H

Osayi 9C

Eden 9P

Keisha 9K

Favour 9I

Emily 9H

Grace 9L

Dumebi 9K

Wanda 9K

Chloe 9H


Football half colour

Eliana 9K

Zainab 9K

Khalda 9K

Chrystellia 9K

Josephine 9K

Demilade 9H

Kezia 9I


Trampolining half colour

Eden 9P

Morayo 9H

Grace 9L

Tenifayo 9P


Year 10

Netball half colour

Angel 10K

Rhianna 10I

Elleke 10K

Abbey 10K

Lily 10L


Mayowa 10K

Lois 10P

Peace 10I

Abhina 10K

Qareebah 10L

Ruby 10L

Jerusalem 10P

Jesica 10K

Althea 10P


Trampolining full colour

Abbey Crimp 10K

Abhina 10K

Accalia 10H

Adanna 10I

Angel 10P

Ceci-Joy 10I

Elizabeth 10K

Lily 10C

Mayowa 10K

Peace 10I

Pirana 10K

Sienna 10H

Temitope 10K


Year 11

Volleyball half colour

Jaidene-Rena 11C

Adrianna 11C

Maha 11H

Rommy 11H

Paula 11K


Netball full colour

Tami 11K

Anne 11K

Kathryn 11I

Olivia 11L

Anna 11C

Freya 11L

Deborah 11H

Alex 11C

Charlotte 11I


Trampolining full colour

Talia 11L

Keira 11C

Grace 11I


Year 12

Netball full colour

Siena 12B

Malaika 12A

Mayowa 12A

Ramisha 12B

Freya 12A

Phoebe 12E


Trampolining full colour

Kira 12C

Oluwamayowa 12A


Year 13


Cross Country full colour

Harriet 13G


Trampolining full colour

Millie 13F