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PE Sporting Colours


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DGGS has an awards system that operates within Physical Education and Dance, the system is Sporting Colours.

Colours are awarded to students for excellence, participation in and dedication to sport at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. Nominations are discussed at the end of each full term and those students that are judged to merit school colours will be awarded them in celebration assembly.


These are awarded for excellence in Sport. Students are presented with a certificate and embroidered flash to sew on to their PE skort.  To merit a full colour, students must:

  • Show excellent commitment to training
  • Perform at an outstanding level
  • Represent the school in sport
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship
  • Show a positive sporting attitude



These are awarded for commitment to Sport.  Students are presented with a certificate and embroidered flash to sew on to their PE skort. To merit a half colour, students must:

  • Show commitment to training
  • Demonstrate improvements in performance
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship
  • Show a very positive attitude towards sport
  • Demonstrate helpful behaviour



Half Colour for Football -  Emily 9H, Grace 9L, Hope 9C, Davina 10H, Mabel 10H, Isabella 10H, Bethel 10H, Bianca 10C, Olivia 10C, Grace 10C, Peace 10I, Ceci-Joy 10I

Half Colour for Swimming -  Aimee 9C, Michal 9C, Grace 10C, Eileen 10I, Jola 10I, Khrista 10I, Keziah 10H, Kiera 10H, Ananya 10K,  Grace 11P, Scarlett 11C, Millie 11P, Tami 11K, Emily 11P, 

Half Colour for Netball - Aaliya 9L, Zainab 9K, Dumebi 9K, Tobi 9K, Esohe 9C, Ella 10L, Angel 10P, Lily 10C, Mayowa 10K, Abigail 10K, Elleke 10K Bennett 11K, Chantel 11C,  Erika 11P, Jehona 11K, Toun 11K, Rachael 11C, Kathryn 11I, Alex 11C, 

Half Colour for Dance - Eliza-Rose 10P Macie 11C, Megan 11C

Half Colour for Trampoline - Accalia 10H, Isabelle 10H, Lily 10H, Lixin 10H, Oliva 10C, Sofia 10H, Zoe 10H 

Half Colour for Cross Country - Elleke 10K Mayowa 10K, Megan 11K, Maya 11H,  

Half Colour for Athletics - Angel 10P, Lily 10C, Didi 10C, Tyra 10L, Elleke 10K, Peace 10I, Ceci-Joy 10I, Bennett 11K Jehona 11K, Mosope 11I

Half Colour for Tennis - Ela 10L, Ammarah 10L, Gabi 10L, Mabel 10H, Bethel 10H, Davina 10H Amritpal 11L, 

Full Colour for Netball - Charlotte 11I, Tami 11K

Full Colour for Football - Tochi 10K

Full Colour for Swimming - Isabelle 11H, 

Full Colour for Cross Country - Lily 10C

Full Colour for Trampoline -  Lily 10C, Erika 11P, Aimee 11P, 

Full Colour for Athletics - Tochi 10K, Olivia 10L, Toun 11K, Tami 11K,  Freya 11L, Anne 11K, Anjola 11I,