Student Leadership

Roles of Responsibility

Many of the opportunities offered at DGGS are designed to nurture student leaders.  From Year 7 students are given the opportunity to take an active role within the school community.  This could be as a Form Captain, supporting the Form Tutor in registration and organising class events or as a Sports Captain responsible for organising the teams for interhouse sports tournaments and Sports Day.  Every form also has a Philanthropic Representative who helps to collect money for the chosen class charity, and an Environment Representative who takes an active role in developing an eco-friendly system within school.  There are School Council Representatives in each Year Group, who are part of two teams led by the Head Students.  They attend meetings, work on projects together and disseminate the information back to the other Form Captains in their Year Groups to disseminate back to forms.

By the time students reach the Sixth Form the opportunities to lead within the school community are myriad.

Head Student Team (HST)

The Student Leadership Team in 2019-2020 consists of the two Head Students and the six House Captains.  They are role models within our community and often represent the school at public functions and important school events.   The application and selection process is rigorous for these very popular positions. 

Head girls 2

Head Students 2019-2020
Rachael 13F
Amelie 13F

Whole HST team 5


House Captains 2019-2020     
Tolu 13B Chartwell 
Nimi 13B Hever  
Jordan 13F Ightham 
Abbie 13B Knole  
Grace 13D Leeds 
Amelia 13F Penshurst


Sixth Form House Teams

The Houses are run by the House Captain, assisted by two Deputy House Captains.  A senior member of staff supports.  They play a key role in our School Community, maintaining their House Board, leading House Assemblies and encouraging their Houses to raise money for charities and to collect House Points.


Deputy House Captains 2019-2020    
Georgia 13B Chartwell
Samir 13C Chartwell 
Saskia 13B Hever 
Raveena 13C Hever 
Emily 13A Ightham
Oluchi 13A Ightham
Katie 13F Knole
Rachel 13E Knole
Chloe 13D Leeds
Thalia 13D Leeds
Natasha 13D Penshurst
Aiswarya 13E Penshurst


Mentor Lead Elizabeth 13B, Fejiro 13F, Mrs Mason
Safeguarding Lead Georgia 13E, Shaira 13A, Mrs Mason
Philanthropic Lead Caitlyn 13E, Ann 13B, Mrs Kidd
Sports Lead  Jenna 13E, Rachael 13D, Mrs Bluett and Mrs Jerbi