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Philanthropic at DGGS

At DGGS we pride ourselves on encouraging students to be socially aware and involved in issues in our local community. By enabling different student ideas for events to come to fruition, our students are empowered to make a difference in the lives of others. The Sixth Form Philanthropic Society work hard with all year groups to raise thousands of pounds for charities that are dear to our heart, such as Eleanor Lions Hospice, Age UK, Crisis and Warchild.  We also take part in a range of national events such as Jean for Genes, Children in Need and Red Nose Day.  Whilst we have many annual events take place during the school year, we also welcome ideas from the students, doing our best to ensure that a wide range of different events take place across the year with different students from different year groups taking ownership.

Our new Philanthropic Leaders for 2018/2017 are Cerys and Tolu in Year 13. They are assisted by the Year 13 and Year 12 CAS teams who work throughout the year to make events happen with the lower years.  They create and write the informative presentations that ensure the students know why we take the time to carry out this important work.

So far this year we have had the following events:

Jean for Genes day

Harvest Festival

Upcoming events include:

Poppy Appeal

Children in Need

Toys to the Tree

Year 7 Fun Run

In addition two more non-uniform days are scheduled in Term 3 and term 5 and year and House charity events are in the planning.  Read below to find out more about the events that have taken place to date.

Philanthropic Events at DGGS 2018-2019

September – Jean for Genes Day - This was the first of three planned non-uniform days where we showed our support to Jeans for Genes by wearing denim in some form to school.   It is a charity that raises funds to support children affected by genetic disorders, of which about 6000 exist.  Some are common, such as eczema, and others very rare such as Elhlers-Danlos syndrome.  Statistics show that 1 in 25 children are affected in some way, with over 30,000 children being newly diagnosed each year in the UK.  We are proud to say that so far we have raised in excess of £900 for this great cause: a great start to the philanthropic total for the year.  This is especially important to us as Ciara, a year 8 pupil at our school suffers from the rare condition of epidermolysis bullosa and wrote a very honest and eye opening account in the latest DGGS times, explaining what it is like to live with a condition such as this.

October 2018 - Harvest Festival: Term 1 saw our annual Harvest Festival take place, featuring some of the best harvest boxes made by students at the school.  Although a great House competition, the reason we do this is so that we are able to help send much needed food donations into the local community where it is really needed.  The Salvation Army and Local Food Banks gratefully received a magnificent range of food items so that food parcels can be organised.  They were most excited to see boxes of biscuits, advent calendars and slightly more unusual and exotic items present in the donations; items that will just make a food parcel that little bit more special.  We would like to thank every form that contributed and we are sure that the recipients of your donations appreciate your kindness.

Once again this year we were thrilled by the standard of boxes we received and the clear amount of time and effort that went into each one across the years.  Winners for each year group are currently being decided upon.