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Philanthropic at DGGS

At DGGS we pride ourselves on encouraging students to be socially aware and involved in issues in our local community. By enabling different student ideas for events to come to fruition, our students are empowered to make a difference in the lives of others. The Sixth Form Philanthropic Society work hard with all year groups to raise thousands of pounds for charities that are dear to our heart, such as Eleanor Lions Hospice, Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, Crisis and Age UK. 

Our new Philanthropic Leaders for 2017/2018 are: Samiha 13E and Abigail 13F. They are ably assisted by the Year 13 and Year 12 CAS teams

Philanthropic Events at DGGS 2017-2018

December 2017 – Toys to the Tree:    Every December at DGGS, we hold our ‘Toys to the Tree’ event, where forms collect money together to buy gifts for the less fortunate at Christmas. Each form has the choice of who is the beneficiary and there are a range of choices from Great Ormond Street, the Children’s Ward at Darenth Hospital, Eleanor Lions Hospice and the popular ‘Giving Tree’ at Bluewater for foster children. This year, each form group did an amazing job, collecting a great variety of gifts that ranged from Build-a-Bear toys to board games. This reflects the school’s values of working together for the best outcomes.  A big thank you from us goes to everyone that helped to make a difference: many thank you messages have been received from the organisations that have benefited.


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November 2017 – Children In Need: Friday 10th this year saw an action packed day with students not just wearing non-uniform for the day but also taking part in purchasing cakes and doughnuts and finding ‘Where’s Pudsey’ around the school.  Scarlett and Molly (Yr. 12) worked on the planning of the event and were pleased to confirm that £1184.72 was raised in total.

November 2017 – Remembrance Day:  This year the Philanthropic Team sold poppies to raise money for the British Legion. Money donated goes towards providing support and care to ex-service men and women. The whole school attended an Armistice Day assembly to help us remember those who have died and why we wear a poppy. Karina, Melanie and Chloe worked with the rest of the Year 12 team to ensure the event went well. In total over £280 was raised. 

October 2017 - Harvest Festival: Term 1 saw our annual Harvest Festival take place, featuring some of the best harvest boxes made by students at the school.  Our chosen charity was the local food bank in Dartford as it benefits a large range of vulnerable groups in the community, including the elderly. We would like to thank every form that contributed to the incredible amount of food that was donated, and we are sure that the recipients of your kind donations appreciate your kindness.

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Once again this year we were thrilled by the standard of boxes we received and the clear amount of time and effort that went into each one across the years.  Winners for each year group were:

7H, 8I, 9C, 10H, 11K, 12L, 13P

Thank you for everyone’s contributions this year, we look forward to this tradition continuing for many years to come.