The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award 2018

Our DofE Award is underway!

We started our 2017-18 DofE programme on 27th January. Thirty five Year 10 students resisted the temptation to lie in and got up early to come to school on a Saturday morning. The DofE staff, nourished with biscuits, tea and coffee, led the group through essential aspects of the DofE expedition.

For the two expeditions that will be undertaken, a practice in May, and a qualifier in June, the participants need to have a good knowledge of campcraft and navigation… and also savvy rucksack-packing methods. The participants will have to walk approximately 24km through beautiful Kent countryside over the two expedition days, being as self-sufficient as possible. This means carrying their own tents, food, and clothes, and cooking their own meals on a Trangia stove.

Lesson number one was learnt early on during the training day… raw chicken is not practical DofE food. Lesson number two was to check your tent before expedition day, as one group discovered during the tent pitching activity that previous participants may not have packed away the poles in the same pack as the tent. The interiors of the tent were thoroughly inspected by the participants, and a competition of ‘how many people can you fit in a three man tent?’ ensued. Needless to say it was rather cosy, and for many was more inviting than cooking on the stoves in the cold outside, and also more inviting than the less-than-gourmet product of their culinary efforts. The DofE Award is not renowned for its cuisine, but a hearty, warm meal based on pasta, rice or noodles is always welcome after a 12km trek. Suffice to say, that all participants proved themselves amply able chefs on the training day.

Participants are continuing to work on their expedition route cards on Thursday lunchtimes, using the Ordnance Survey Maps in school to plan their routes. They are also starting to undertake and log their Skills, Volunteering and Physical Sections on their EDofE profile.

We are all looking forward to the next sessions and the fresh air on our expeditions.

Miss Robertson
Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator
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