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House News 2021-2022

At Dartford Grammar School for Girls, we are exceptionally proud of our House System. It provides the means for students to nurture their individual abilities whilst also encouraging them to try new things when collaborating with students in every year group across the school. 

Upon arrival to the school, your daughter will be allocated a House and be part of a close-knit community of students. By fostering a culture of involvement, diversity, mutual respect and competition, our overarching ambition is to create big events that students look forward to and are actively encouraged to participate and compete in throughout each and every term.

By being inclusive of all types of activities and interests, the House System enables every student to participate and develop skills, interests and talents in ways that go beyond the curriculum.

Overseen by our Sixth Form House Captains, activities arranged for the academic year include:

  • House Harvest: Students in Year 7 – Year 13 create boxes to store donations to food banks in the local area.
  • House Celebration: Students celebrate various members of the school community for their support.
  • House Music: Students in Year 7-Year 13 band together to create a House Song Performance.
  • House Fables: Students create their own modern fable which is turned into a book of stories.
  • House Talent Show: Students work together to put on performances for their House.

In addition to big-picture events, each individual act of success or kindness is rewarded with a House Point, which is accumulated across every year group to help students compete for the House Shield during Term 6 in the summer term.

As it stands, the current totals are:     

HOUSE POINTS 2021-2022

Term 1














Termly Competitions

Term 2 2019 Competition Results:

This term, students have been creating Christmas cards and writing messages for those who may be lonely over the holiday period.  These cards have been given out by Age UK, Darenth Valley Hospital and other charities.  An overwhelming 1216 cards were produced, and some of the designs can be seen below. 

A special mention to Jamina 10I who created over 350 cards.  Year 7 were an outstanding year group, with 7P producing 348 cards, 7C made 116 and 7I produced 182.  As a result, Ightham House received a bonus 150 House points with Penshurst and Chartwell receiving 100 and 50 respectively.  Thank you to all the students who got involved.  Your kind words and creative designs will brighten up someone’s Christmas.

This term Knole House are in the lead with 6794 House Points

Miss Cooper


1  2  3  5


5  6  7  8

2018 - 2019

Congratulations to all the students who submitted an entry for the Christmas Card competition. It was very difficult to decide on the winner and runner up - the Art department and the Senior Leadership Team in the end chose this entry by Moyra in Year 11 and  Gare in Year 9, as the runner up.

Moyra's winning entry    

Winning Christmas card 2018

Gare's runner up entry

Runner up Christmas card 2018

Term 1's Learning Competition was based on the first 30 Chemical Elements.  Students across the school were challenged tolearn them all, and their symbols.

The winning House was Chartwell, with 216 points.

The runner up was Knole, with 210 points

The winning Year Group was Year 11, with 269 points

The runner up was Year 9, with 253 points

Well done to all those who took part!

Term 1's Creative Competition was launched with the Philanthropic Society and was to create a form Harvest Box, and fill it with food for those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Once again this year we were amazed by the standard of boxes we received and the selection of boxes show how creative they were. A great deal of time and effort goes into these.   Judging the competition is never easy but the proud winners of this year were 7L, 8H, 9L, 10I, 11P, 12E and 13D

7L Harvest festival box 2018   8H Harvest festival box 2018  9L Harvest festival box 2018  10I Harvest festival box 2018

11P Harvest festival box 2018  12E Harvest festival box 2018   13D Harvest festival box 2018