House News

Head Student Team 2019-2020

DGGS is very proud of its House System, and competitions are run regularly throughout the year, with the aim of valuing individual talents and fostering a culture of involvement, diversity, mutual respect and competition.

Hever House are the current winners of the House Shield, which is awarded annually to the House who have gained the most Housepoints.  Housepoints are awarded to students in lessons, for citizenship and for winning competitions and school events such as Interhouse matches and talent shows.       

HOUSE POINTS 2018-2019 End of Term 6
LEEDS   19,082  
PENSHURST   16,639  
HEVER   16,535  
KNOLE   16,172  
CHARTWELL   15,569  
IGHTHAM   13,842  


Termly Competitions

Term 2 Competition Results:

Congratulations to all the students who submitted an entry for the Christmas Card competition. It was very difficult to decide on the winner and runner up - the Art department and the Senior Leadership Team in the end chose this entry by Moyra in Year 11 and  Gare in Year 9, as the runner up.

Moyra's winning entry    

Winning Christmas card 2018

Gare's runner up entry

Runner up Christmas card 2018

Term 1's Learning Competition was based on the first 30 Chemical Elements.  Students across the school were challenged tolearn them all, and their symbols.

The winning House was Chartwell, with 216 points.

The runner up was Knole, with 210 points

The winning Year Group was Year 11, with 269 points

The runner up was Year 9, with 253 points

Well done to all those who took part!

Term 1's Creative Competition was launched with the Philanthropic Society and was to create a form Harvest Box, and fill it with food for those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Once again this year we were amazed by the standard of boxes we received and the selection of boxes show how creative they were. A great deal of time and effort goes into these.   Judging the competition is never easy but the proud winners of this year were 7L, 8H, 9L, 10I, 11P, 12E and 13D

7L Harvest festival box 2018   8H Harvest festival box 2018  9L Harvest festival box 2018  10I Harvest festival box 2018

11P Harvest festival box 2018  12E Harvest festival box 2018   13D Harvest festival box 2018