History of Penshurst Place:

Penshurst Place was the birthplace of Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586), soldier, poet and statesman. It is a medieval manor house that was greatly enlarged in Tutor times. At its heart is the spectacular Baron’s Hall built in 1340. It has a 60-foot high chestnut roof and a rare octagonal hearth which would have been the focal point of the household. The servants and estate workers would have lived there, whilst the Lord of the Manor and his family resided upstairs in the solar. Descendants of the Sidney family still live in the house today.

House Colour: Yellow

Yellow is the colour of the mind and the intellect.  It is optimistic and cheerful. 

Yellow is the colour of sunshine.  It is associated with joy, happiness and energy. 

Yellow indicates honour and loyalty.


Your Penshurst House Team for 2020-2021:

Senior House Leader Mrs S Westergaard
House Captain Charlotte 12F
Deputy House Captain Penny 12G
Deputy House Captain Neve 12E

House motto - In all our selflessness and positivity

Our Charity Last Year: Dartford and Gravesham Cancer

Penshurst Charity days

On Thursday 27th and Friday 28th April, Penshurst House put on a variety of events in order to collect money for Dartford and Gravesham Cancer Trust.  Events included a chocolate tombola, an obstacle course set of challenges and a bake sale. Members of the house also dressed up in themed clothing, the Year 7s being particularly notable in their Disney dress up. We are very pleased that we have so far raised £253.12, and we hope that this will make a difference to those locally who are suffering.  A big congratulations to all of those involved, and thank you to the members of Penshurst House who put time and effort into raising money for a very deserving charity.

House Mascot:

Penshurst house mascot is Little Miss Sunshine and was chosen by a house vote carried out by a previous team. 

Always cheerful and bright, she tries to cheer up everyone around her and is everyone’s best friend”

For us, she represents qualities of selflessness and positivity, which we aim to reflect as members of Penshurst house.

As well as showcasing our house colour, our mascot helps to encourage unity and motivation across the house, throughout the whole school year as well as during interhouse competitions and events.

Year 7 House visit

On  our coach journey, we saw many stretches of land and even some farm animals! It took around half an hour to get to Penshurst Place and it was worth the wait! Penshurst Place was beautiful!  We took many pictures inside and outside of the building.

When we first arrived, we went to a museum and saw many ancient dolls and toys. We then had an entire tour of the building, including the dining room, a bedroom and a playroom. Our class explored a maze and we were able to look around.

We had an opportunity to buy souvenirs at the gift shop and saw an amazing pond with many little fishes.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip!

Esther 7P

7P Penshurst