Hever 2018


History of Hever Castle:

Hever Castle was the girlhood home of Anne Boleyn (1507-1536), second queen of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I.  A late 13th century moated castle with portcullis and central courtyard, it stands in beautiful grounds containing Italianate gardens, a lake and a famous maze.  The collection of classical statues on the terraces was acquired by William Waldorf Astor, former American minister to Italy who purchased Hever in 1903 and restored much of the castle to its former Tudor glory.

House Colour: Purple

Purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition.  It also represents meanings of creativity, devotion, pride, independence.

Your Hever House Team for 2017-2018:

Senior House Leader Miss F Kellett
House Captain Vianney 12A
Deputy House Captain Robert 12A
Deputy House Captain Abigail 12C

House motto - To win the game, you have to play the game

Our Charity Last Year:

Our charities last year were Demelza, Mind and Cancer Research.

We decided to split up the money we raised in proportion of the percentage of the vote that each charity got when Hever was deciding on the charities to raise money for. The highest proportion of the money we raised went to Cancer Research, a research and awareness charity which is committed to funding cancer research of the highest international calibre.

Overall Hever Raised a staggering £684

Last year’s top forms were -  9H, who raised an excellent £230, 10H who raised £135 and Hever sixth form who worked hard to raise £120.  

House Successes:

ShieldHever have a track record of winning the annual House Shield; this is all due to the amazing effort that all of Hever constantly put into all the House competitions, charity days and collecting House points. 

Shield 2

For instance last year (2016-2017), Hever earned a total of 11187 House points, the most out of all houses, which shows the hard work and dedication of everyone in Hever.  We hope to continue in this success this year by winning the house shield once again.

House Mascot: Bear

Hever Bear

The bear can be seen as a figure of strength and confidence.

Year 7 House Visit

Recently my form and I visited Hever Castle known for its history with the Boleyn family. Who knew what lurked behind between its ivy covered walls?

The day started off with a grey, brooding swirl in the sky and we lined up silently praying it wouldn’t rain. We were soon on the coach, with the majority of us singing songs until we were hoarse.

When we arrived, we were ushered along the path to a drawbridge to enter the castle. We walked on the red carpet and were in awe of the beautiful paintings. My favourite room held the wax models. 
We then spilled out into the Maze; some of us were lone wolves, others paired up and others in groups. We all enjoyed getting lost and finally finding our way out.

We then got the chance to visit the shop full of exquisite gifts, fancy pens and chocolate.  It was the first form trip and it had been a great one.

Maya 7H

Hever Castle was amazing as all the rooms were filled with exciting historic items. It shocked me to find out it had once been the home of Anne Boleyn. The outside of the castle was stunning and the interior was very grand including a comfortable pink  living room. The royal portraits were beautiful and full of detail from their eyes to the facial expressions. Overall I think this was a lovely experience and I hope to visit again soon. The trip is one that I will remember and I have learnt information about Hever castle.                                                                                                                                  

Ria 7H