History of Chartwell:

Chartwell is the former country home of Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965). It is now in the care of the National Trust as a memorial with many souvenirs of his eventful political life.  Collections of Churchill’s books and paintings are kept there and everything is laid out exactly as it would have been during the forty years he and his family lived in the house.  Churchill was a landscape artist, he loved his garden and indulged his hobby of building brick walls.  Chartwelll was a very happy home and he lived there until just before his 90th birthday.

House Colour: Red

Red is the colour of energy, passion and determination.  As a house we show strength and teamwork which helps to make Chartwell special and unique.  Being associated with Winston Churchill highlights these qualities within our house, and encourages us to be determined and energetic individuals.

HST (69)

Your Chartwell House Team for 2019-2020:

Senior House Leader Miss E Burton
House Captain Tolu 12B
Deputy House Captain Georgia 12B
Deputy House Captain Samir 12C

House motto - Hakuna Matata

Our Charity Last Year:


Last year Chartwell raised an amazing amount of £462.66 during charity week for our previous charity 'Shine'.

‘Shine’ is a charity that provides support to people who live with the condition spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus as well as supporting their families and carers. The money Chartwell raised has been put to very good use. A letter and certificate has been sent to us thanking the students for raising money and explaining what their contribution has done for the people that the charity supports. This can be found on the Chartwell notice board in the main corridor.'

House Mascot: Simba

'This year we chose our house mascot to be Simba, hence why our motto is 'Hakuna Matata'. The reason we chose Simba is because he is known for showing braveness and determination in the film 'The Lion King'. These are qualities that we would like are students in Chartwell to follow. We would like them to always be willing to accept a challenge and strive to become the best version of themselves that they can be.'

Year 7 House Visit

On Tuesday 18th September, 7C went on a trip to Chartwell House. This was an opportunity to explore the history of our house. At first we went to Winston Churchill’s garden where we had our lunch by the lake which was so beautiful. There were so many flowers, all sorts of colours and variations presented beautifully around the grounds of the House.

We then went to the art gallery where a speaker told us of many stories of Churchill’s paintings. We saw some wonderful art pieces and had an opportunity to get some pictures of our own. There were at least fifty unique paintings on display.

The highlight of our trip was visiting the House of Churchill. The house is stunning and there were so many facts and stories to take in. It was clear to us straight away that Winston loved to read with over 3000 books on display at the house. All of the books were displayed in cabinets around the house to help preserve them. Another highlight was getting to see Churchill’s wife Clementine’s bedroom. This room was organised so perfectly, with two sofas, a drawing desk and a beautiful dressing table. On the desk she had a picture of Winston and her daughter who sadly passed away.

Raiyah 7C

Chartwell pic

7C Chartwell visit whole group