Committee information

Management/Strategy/Finance Committee

Membership: The committee consists of the Chairman of Governors, Vice Chairman of Governors, Chairmen of all Governors’ sub committees, and the Headteacher.

Frequency of Meetings: Four times a year

Responsibility and authority:  The main objective of this committee is to have a regular forum for communication between the Governors’ committees and thereby to achieve co-ordination on important issues.  The committee contributes to the formulation of the SEF and the School’s Development Plan considering the financial implications of proposed major projects.  The committee is responsible for overseeing all the financial matters of the school, reviewing the work of the finance staff of the school.

Student Support and Curriculum

Responsibility and Authority: Contribute to relevant sections of the SEF and SDP and monitor progress. Monitor standards of teaching and learning and to consider any matters relating to the school curriculum that require discussion or decision. Review and approve school targets prior to them going to the FGB for ratification.  The first meeting of the academic year reviews external examination results.  Monitor and report to the full governing body on the implementation of any significant changes to statutory requirements relating to the curriculum.  Monitor student attendance statistics with a particular focus on attendance of disadvantaged/interest groups.  Monitor the provision of AEND support and the provision for Exceptionally Able students in the school. Monitor use and effectiveness of Pupil Premium funding; monitor and track impact of support for disadvantaged students. To appoint Governors to be responsible for the monitoring of:  Exceptionally Able students, AEND, Safeguarding/Child Protection, including the Prevent agenda, Behaviour and Pupil Premium.  To review and monitor policies relevant to all aspects of the curriculum including pastoral support policies.


The Admissions committee is responsible to the full governing body for recommending and monitoring all policies and procedures relating to admission of students into the school.  All such policies and procedures require approval of the full governing body.


Responsibility and Authority:  The Staffing committee is responsible for the preparation, monitoring and review of all policies and procedures that relate to employment of staff at the school, and for the annual review of the Headteacher’s recommendations for staffing levels.  A Pay Committee of three Governors from this committee review the Headteacher’s recommendations for pay progression of teaching staff and pay increments for support staff following their annual appraisals.  The committee monitor staff absences and evaluate their effect upon teaching and learning.

Health and Safety/Environment

Responsibility and Authority:  Contribute to the formulation of the School Development Plan through the establishment, monitoring and evaluation of a 3 year maintenance development programme.  Agree charging policies and rates for the letting or use of school facilities. Be responsible to the Full Governing Body for recommending and monitoring all policies and procedures relating to health and safety matters in the school. All such policies and procedures require approval of the Full Governing Body. Ensure that all statutory safety checks are undertaken.