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Philanthropic at DGGS

DGGS prides itself on encouraging its students to be socially aware and involved in issues in our local community. By enabling different student ideas for events to come to fruition, our students are empowered to make a difference in the lives of others. The Sixth Form Philanthropic Society work hard with all year groups to raise thousands of pounds for charities that are dear to our heart, such as Eleanor Lions hospice, Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, Crisis and Age UK. 


Our new Philanthropic Leaders for 2017/2018 are: Samiha 13E and Abigail 13F. They will be ably assisted by Freya 13F, Katie-Ann 13B, Evie 13E, Martha 13B, Leela 13B, Deborah 13A, Gabriella 13E, Heather 12D, Karina 12A, Cerys 12F, Laura 13F, Maya 13E, Chloe 12C, Scarlett 12C Molly 12A, Jessica 12G, Melanie 12F, Molly 12G, Stany 12F, Alicia 12F and Faye 12F

Philanthropic Events at DGGS 2017-2018

Harvest Festival

Term 1 saw our annual Harvest Festival take place, featuring some of the best harvest boxes made by students at the school.  Our chosen charity was the local food bank in Dartford as it benefits a large range of vulnerable groups in the community, including the elderly. We would like to thank every form that contributed to the incredible amount of food that was donated, and we are sure that the recipients of your kind donations will appreciate your kindness.

Once again this year we were amazed by the standard of boxes we received and the clear amount of time and effort that went into each one across the years.  Winners for each year group were








Thank you for everyone’s contributions this year, we look forward to this tradition continuing for many years to come.

Philanthropic Events at DGGS 2016-2017

Harvest Boxes

The Harvest Festival at DGGS is a time when we, as a school, give thanks for the food we are lucky to have and work together to help those who perhaps don’t have as much.  Forms work to design a harvest-themed box which is then filled with goodies, and the most creative design wins!  The boxes were collected and photographed during assembly, and then were sent to both the local food bank and Meadowside Day Centre for the elderly in Dartford, which provides care and assistance to older people.  Some of the boxes were incredibly imaginative, with a variety of animals, a giant Starbucks coffee and a working wheelbarrow.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event, you all helped to make a difference. 

Winners :

10K - Wizard of Oz
9H - Starbucks
8I - Tigger's House


Toys to the tree

Toys to the tree is a longstanding tradition at DGGS – students contribute to a form fund which is then used to buy toys which are sent to a local children’s charity, and this year they were given to the children’s ward at Darent Valley Hospital.  The toys were collected in the celebration assemblies on the last day of the winter term, and at the end of the day were bundled into Mr Barton’s car, ready for him to play Santa for us and deliver them.  A particular favourite among staff and patients at Darent Valley was the enormous teddy bear appropriately named Mr Cuddles, who was put in a wheelchair upon his arrival.  Everyone at the hospital was very grateful for the gifts, which brightened Christmas for children and parents who would otherwise have found it very hard.  Some of the toys were also taken to the local food bank, and given to parents who otherwise would not have been able to buy their children Christmas presents.  Christmas is a time for giving, and we would like to thank all the students and staff for helping to make so many people’s holidays a bit brighter.

Thank you to the Year 12 team who helped us with these events: Amelia 12F, Thakwa 12D, Freya 12F, Roxanne 12B, Eliza 12F and Osariemen 12D.

We look forward to working with the next Year 12 team, and there are many more exciting events to come this term.  The charities we have chosen this term are Young Minds, Battersea Cats & Dogs Home and Crisis.

Naa 13E & Megan 13E


Philanthropic Events at DGGS 2015-2016

Monday 14th March to Friday 18th March saw DGGS host its first Sport Relief Week.  Throughout the week a variety of sports based events, designed to encourage students and staff, took place to help raise money for the many causes sponsored by Sport Relief.

As always, many of our students could be relied upon to whole heartedly participate in the events offered to them, with some students entering events outside of school or designing their own challenges to help raise money.

The first day of sport relief week was the Swim-a-thon.  28 students entered this event setting themselves targets ranging from 4 to 160 lengths.  It was all about challenging themselves to swim as many lengths as they could to the best of their ability.  All of the following students took part and did an excellent job:

Ciara Abbot, Lucy Allen, Devishi Anand, Hannah Bartlett, Emily Cheeseman, Charlotte Clayton, Emogene Collins, Abigail Feen, Lucy Gillham, Raya Hossain, Maddie Hulme, Kiran Kaur Narwan, Lucy Lishaman, Katelyn Luck, Charlotte McGreevy, Louise Morrison, Jessica Powell, Neve Prior, Libby Rutledge, Rasika Shrestha, Hemaski Soni, Charlotte Spells, Sophie Stewart, Phoebe Strachan, Nav Thandi, Eva Wainwright, Lola Wainwright, Megan White.

On the third day of sports relief ‘Beat the Staff Goalie’ took place on the playground at lunch. Our wonderful staff goalies, Mrs Jenson, Mr Dowsett, Mr Valentine and Mr McGinty, rose to the occasion to keep out as many penalties as they could. However, many of our talented students managed to score against them. The following were our penalty scorers: Caitlin Nash, Christabel Okongwu, Timi Ibitoye, Grace Flowers, Emily Weaver, Abi Fitchett, Mr Dowsett, Mr McGinty.

Staff Team for Sports Relief

Beat the Staff Goalie raised £40!!!

On the fourth day of Sport Relief our staff benchball team took up the challenge against 5 student benchball teams.  They put up a good fight.  The results were as follows:

1st – 9L , Joint 2nd – 9P and the Staff , 4th – 7I, 5th – 7H, 6th – 7P

Staff Benchball Team - Sports Relief

The Benchball tournament raised a huge £140!!

On the final day students were encouraged to bring in £1 to accessorize their uniform with something red to show their support for Sport Relief and a group of 21 students danced lunchtime away in the gym at the sponsored dance-a-thon.

Throughout the week other events have included a sponsored tennis rally, sponsored silence, sponsored netball shoot, selling of sport relief wrist bands, as well as others.

Sponsorship is continuing to flow with some students raising an exceptional amount of over £100 on their own.  If you still have sponsorship to hand in or donations to make, make sure this comes to the Finance Office by Monday 11th April.

Current Total = £1,660.52

The PE department is incredibly impressed with all of you who have taken part in one way or another. Coming together as a school community really does mean we can make a difference. Once all funds have been handed in we will let you know the final total raised by DGGS in aid of Sport Relief 2016.

Thank you.

Sarah Bluett
Curriculum Area Leader: Physical Education