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House Captains 2017-2018

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The House System maintains the traditions of the school, consolidates our school community, continues to develop students' individuality and to make a different for all. 

Our aim with these competitions is to support one another, value individual strengths and talents and foster a culture of involvement, diversity, mutual respect and consideration. 

Since January 2015, everyone has been given the opportunity to wear a House badge with pride.  Its outer rim identifies the membership to their year group which also matches the colour of their planner.  Students keep these badges throughout their time at DGGS and have the opportunity to buy a replacement badge at any time.

Many cross-curricular competitions have been offered these last 3 years on top of all our sports and culinary competitions.  Our photography, Harvest, Christmas and Easter themes based as well as talent competitions to name a few have been very popular indeed.


Outer rims 2016-2017

Grey – Year 7
Maroon - Year 8
Pink– Year 9
Green - Year 10                  
Cream – Year 11
Turquoise – Year 12        
Yellow – Year 13            



HOUSE POINTS 2017 End of Term 6
HEVER 11187
KNOLE 10911
LEEDS 10578


HOUSE POINTS 2017  End of Term 4
KNOLE   8056  
HEVER   7944  
IGHTHAM   7667  
CHARTWELL   7536  
LEEDS   7442  
PENSHURST   6627  


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This was the winning entry for this year's Christmas card competition by Alisa 7P.

Winning Christmas card 2016

This beautiful design is highly sophisticated and demonstrates a high level of technical skill in the way that it has been painted. The colours have been blended extremely well and the range of marks and textures have been applied in a very confident manner. The typography style blends perfectly with the outer shape of the moon and the highlights and shadows are bold and effective which create a magical Christmassy atmosphere.