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History of Leeds Castle:

Leeds Castle Stands on two islands in a lake, formed by the River Len and is sometimes described as ‘the loveliest castle in the world’.  Constructed in the twelfth century to be an impregnable stronghold, it became known as ‘Lady’s castle’.  Its royal residents included Eleanor and Margaret, the wives of Edward I, Philippa of Halnault, wife of Edward III, Catherine de Valois, Henry V’s wife, Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, who was imprisoned here for a time before her coronation.

House Colour : Green

Green, the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.

Your Leeds House Team for 2017-2018:

Senior House Leader Mrs H Statton
House Captain Shannon Hilton
Deputy House Captain Alina McCrone
Deputy House Captain Abigail Morrison

House motto - Leeds - Lead by example; Leeds - we are all leaders; Leeds - born to lead


Our Charity Last Year:

Leeds Charity

Leeds' Charity Week; 13th-17th October 2014

Leeds house Charity Week raised money for our elected charity ‘Make A Wish’. Each year was given an elected day and then had to arrange an event to raise money for this amazing cause. Since 1980, Make-A-Wish® has given hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish® San Diego grants wishes to eligible children in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

7L Leeds' Charity week kicked off with Year Seven dressing up in onesies. As the first charity week of their school experience 7L knew they needed to stand out and make a difference. The costumes were amazing and the enthusiasm for raising money for Make A Wish was truly spectacular to witness. On top of this individuals visited various forms, running a ‘Guess the number of sweets in a jar’ competition won by Abigail Morrison in 10L. 7L raised a whopping £72.75. A fantastic start that we hope they can smash next time!

8L dressed up in black and white to raise money for our charity. They also organised their own tombola at lunch with a variety of prizes to win which proved to be very popular with many students throughout school and raised a fantastic  £82.89

9L: Year nines sold sweets and cakes in the canteen at lunch as an alternative from the usual canteen desserts. The entire form wholeheartedly helped to buy, make or sell the cakes which went down a treat! Many of the cakes quickly sold out. Not only did the form sell these treats, 9L also had an own clothes day where money was brought in to add to our charity fund. These two efforts combined to raise £124.57; this is a great start to ensure this year our total beats all previous efforts.

As it was nearly Halloween, 10L decided to transform X6 into a haunted house, full of spooky stalls, games and competitions. On top of this they played the hair- raising Coraline which attracted a considerably terrified audience! Overall 10L raised £60.42; well done to them!

11L: For our charity week, the year 11’s set about selling sweets and other delicacies to the rest of the school. The girls worked together as a form and raised money to buy the sweets. As a group, they then sold the sweets. They did this during lunchtime and managed to attract a number of students to raise £24.09 for our chosen charity.                                                                                     

Year 12: Over the week sixth form gave a donation towards the charity which ranged from copper coins to pound coins. From the collection we raised £22.18.                                                                                                            

As head of Leeds House it has been an honour to encourage our students to develop a sense of pride in raising money to help others. Our student compassion for a needy cause, over the years has been something we can all feel immensely proud of. I was delighted to hear that Leeds house raised an impressive total of £386.90 for our charity ‘Make a Wish’.

We will continue to raise money through our collections to see if we can turn this into £500 by the end of the academic year. Well done to all forms for your dedication and commitment.                                                                   

Mrs Y Green

House Mascot: Our mascot is the one eyed monster Mike Wazowski 

Mike has a very outgoing personality - just like the members of Leeds House!

Year 7 House visit:

7L (2)

Leeds Castle - 7L


7L (3)




On Friday 25th September, our form (7L) went on our first school trip to Leeds Castle. We were excited to learn about our House and were really impatient!

When we arrived we headed over to the Castle and luckily for us it was the ‘Festival of Flowers’ and the Castle was adorned with beautifully-styled flowers. There were many different designs, including multi-coloured peacocks and bunches of Ornament Lilies. We explored most of the rooms and then made a short stop to the gift shop. After purchasing our souvenirs, we ran to the maze. There was a competition for who would reach the middle first. Our group conquered the maze and was awarded 2nd place. We had to give each other directions and everyone made their way out of the maze, through the creepy grotto.

After we had lunch, we watched a short movie about the Battle of Agincourt. The screen was on the floor and we had to lean over the rails to see.

As the day nearly came to an end, we trekked up a hill and drew Leeds Castle from a really nice view.

Our first school trip was really fun and we enjoyed finding out about our House. I’m so proud to be in Leeds House.

Thirushiha Thirubavananthan, 7L

On the 25th September 2015 we went to Leeds. I couldn't wait to go to Leeds, when I finally arrived I was so thrilled. Firstly, we went into the castle - I was struck with awe from the beauty of the castle, and that I was walking on historic ground where many nobles lived. When I went on, I saw many of the furniture used by nobles, including: beds, bathtub, chairs and many more. A lot of the rooms and corridor were filled with beautiful flowers (and the designs were never repeated) on the ledges or any available space. It had a large moat around the castle filled with a  large flock of ducks. After, we went to a gift shop with a peacock theme, but they also had different  items to buy, due to the nobility keeping peacocks.

Then we ran into a maze, there was a competition to see who could get to the middle first.  After finding the middle ( by luck), many of us decided to go back for a second attempt and got lost again. Thankfully we managed to find the exit, through the gloomy dark grotto, via the aid of others.

After the maze, we found a place to eat and then went to a show about the Battle of the Agincourt (when England struck France.)It was a great story about how England traveled to France, and strived to win an amazing battle with very few men.  We looked over railings, to view the show, below us.

Then, we went  up high to sketch a drawing of Leeds castle. It has a breath-taking view, including: a clear view of the castle and a lovely view of the scenery around it.  The visit came to an end, when we went into a second gift shop.

We left exhausted, with memories of a good day. Our first school trip in DGGS was a fantastic start to the year and I really enjoyed it. I know many others would say the same and I hope that the other trips and events in the future will be as great an experience as it was on Friday.

Yasmin Soares Parke, 7L